Adding UPCs, EANs, and ISBNs for Your Products


Most categories require sellers to use a product identifier to create new product pages and offer listings on the website. The most common identifier used by sellers is a UPC.

If you don’t provide a UPC, EAN, or ISBN, you will generally receive an error message. When this occurs, you will need to add the product’s identifier in order to create a new product detail page in the catalog or complete your inventory offering. (If you don’t have a UPC, EAN, or ISBN for your product, see How to Obtain a Product Code.)

The UPC field is supported in the Add a Product tool and in Inventory File templates.

Add a Product

The Add a Product tool will allow you to create new product detail pages and offerings one at a time. If you search for a product and find it in our catalog, the UPC, EAN, or ISBN will be automatically entered for you and you can continue to create your offering. If you create a new product detail page, you can enter the UPC or EAN on the “Add This Product to Our Catalog” page after completing the product classification step.

From Amazon Seller Central

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