About Us

INeedaUPC.com was created to help small retail merchants quickly obtain the UPCs & EANs they need to sell on Amazon, EBay, & ITunes.

We keep an up-to-the-minute online database of all purchased UPC and EAN numbers to ensure that our numbers are never sold twice.

All the numbers we sell were originally issued by the Uniform Code Council, currently known as GS1, prior to August 28, 2002.

We have the legal standing to resell our excess codes, originally issued to “Nutritional Institute LLC”.

Our mailing address is Po Box 7010,  Grayslake, IL 60030

We are open 9:00am to 5:00pm CST.  We’ll do our best to answer after hours calls within 4 hours.

Thanks for visiting!

telephone: 888-872-6072
email:       info@ineedaupc.com